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Manging and automating Tasks


Workflow is a sequence of steps and actions that form processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

Use Case

<Admin Locked, Editing>

Admin Tutorials

How do I create Workflow?

Creating and managing workflow is easy. Learn how to automate task such as generating docs, sending emails, notifying staff, and so much more. 

How do I add fields to forms?

Creating and managing record types is easy. To edit an existing type select it from the combo and hit enter. To add a new type enter the name and hit enter. 

Best Practice Tip

Use a test matter for all your testing. Start by adding your firm as a contact record. Then create a matter linked to this contact record as a party to the matter. Give the matter a unique name so you can recall at will and with ease anytime you wish to try or test a feature. This provides an easy way to test functionality without the risk of altering an important record while experimenting.

"Whether in the Cloud or In-house, HoudiniEsq is the most effective way to manage a law practice."

Jackie Bales CNBC

"A great innovation for the department. We handle over 100,000 cases annually. HoudiniEsq has made the department more effective and efficient. The department saves over $750,000 annually."

Phyllis Cheng Esq. DirectorDepartment of Fair Employment and Housing