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Workflow Management

Work Product Flow and Automating Task

Administrator Tutorial


Workflow is a sequence of steps and actions that form processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

Use Case


Best Practice Tip

Use a test matter for all your testing. Start by adding your firm as a contact record. Then create a matter linked to this contact record as a party to the matter. Give the matter a unique name so you can recall it at will and with ease anytime you wish to try or test a feature. This provides an easy way to test functionality without the risk of altering an important record while experimenting.

Getting started

Workflow can be accessed from any matter. To get started create a test matter. This is best practice and avoids the possibility of altering an existing record by accident.

Like Field Triggers and Records+ custom forms, you begin by first classifying the your form. Click the Workflow Tab to reveal the workflow workspace. Click the Admin icon in the upper right-hand corner of the workspace.

Creating your first Workflow

Like Field Triggers and Records+ custom forms, you begin by first classifying the your form.


Admin Tutorials

How do I add Field Triggers?

Field Triggers can send emails, notify staff, calendar events, enter data into fields, and more. Triggers go beyond field level. You can apply triggers to the matter, contact and event forms, your custom forms custom fields, and workflow.

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