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Comprehensive practice management for teams and solos. Integrated AI, integrated chat, and a full email client are just a start. All of your data including email, attachments, and documents are full text indexed.

HoudiniEsq streamlines your workload and improves productivity with the most robust workflow automation engine in the industry. Generate work products, documents, contracts, drafts, send emails and reminders, complete mundane day-to-day tasks, all automatically.

Manage projects, clients, and matter budgets, staff workload, compensation agreements, third-party contracts, incidents, claims, and more.

HoudiniEsq can monitor and respond to critical data without user intervention. Legal requests and holds, intakes, conflicts, leads, capture unbilled time, deadlines, docket changes, exposure, receivables, signature receipts, budget warnings, expenses, escrow, and so much more.

Extensive and extensible record customization means HoudiniEsq will fit the needs of any team now and well into the future.

All Features for one price, Cloud or On-premise
  • Complete Practice Management, Team or Solo
  • Billing, AR, Budgeting, and Trust Accounting
  • Doc, Communication & Workflow Automation
  • Exhaustive Reporting & Customization
  • Integrates with Acrobat, Outlook, Word, WordPerfect, Office 365, Google, Quickbooks, Calendar Rules, and more
  • No need to forward your emails to associate it with a matter and you never have to tag your data so you can find it later. No hype, no workarounds. 

    HoudiniEsq is the best practice for your practice.
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    Millions of Legal Matters are Managed with HoudiniEsq

    The preferred choice of legal professionals, state and federal agencies for over a decade.

    "A great innovation for the department. We handle over 100,000 cases annually. HoudiniEsq has made the department more effective and efficient. The department saves over $750,000 annually."

    Phyllis Cheng Esq. DirectorDepartment of Fair Employment and Housing

    Managing Your Entire Caseload Has Never Been Easier

    Access vital case info with just a glance. Tune each view for a fine balance between productivity and efficiency.

    You can see an overview of an entire case with just a glance.
    Working with the HoudiniEsq team has been wonderful.

    Patricia Schneider Esq
    Principal, Kasher Law Group

    Our competitors claim their strength is ease-of-use. Nonsense, workarounds, and having to use 3rd party integrations don’t make things easier, just expensive. Nothing is easier than looking at a single screen.

    Introducing HoudiniEsq Aia

    AI Powered Legal Practice Software

    Aia is HoudiniEsq's Artificial Intelligence Assistant. Aia is capable of remarkable things. Aia can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, data correlation, error detection and take appropriate action.

    Unlike Clio, RocketMatter, PracticePanther, and MyCase. You never have to forward emails or tag your data so you can find it later.

    "After evaluating Clio, LexisNexis' Firm Manager, MyCase and then settling on RocketMatter. We now use HoudiniEsq to efficiently manage our law practice."

    Peter Briskin Esq. Fishbeyn & Briskin P.C.

    "Whether in the Cloud or In-house, HoudiniEsq is the most effective way to manage a law practice."

    Jackie Bales CNBC

    Our Competitors Lead in Hyperbole

    We lead in innovation, features, deployment options, and support.

    In 2002 our company founder architected and developed the first cloud-based legal practice management product for the industry. Four years before the term “Cloud Computing” entered our lexicon. That product was called Time Matters World Server by DataTXT Corp. The Product was acquired by LexisNexis in 2004. 

    The first use of “cloud-computing” occurred on August 9, 2006, when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term at an industry conference.

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