HoudiniEsq Pricing

Practice Management for Today’s Legal Counsel

In-house Practice

Less than 30 Users
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$21  month/user
$248 year/user

In-house Enterprise

Unlimited Users
All Inclusive

$39  month/user
$464 year/user

The Cloud & Beyond

Unlimited Users
All Inclusive

$64  month/user
$768 year/user

"Whether in the Cloud or In-house, HoudiniEsq is the most effective way to manage a law practice."

Jackie Bales CNBC, 21st Centry Business

"Head and shoulders above any other package on the market."

Alexander Gilburg Esq. Gilburg Law

"After evaluating Clio, LexisNexis' Firm Manager, MyCase and then settling on RocketMatter. We now use HoudiniEsq to efficiently manage our law practice."

Peter Briskin Esq. Fishbeyn & Briskin P.C.

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$64 month / user
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$248 year / user

Frequent Questions

Is support included?

Yes. Support, training and all software updates are included.

Why the choice of Cloud or On-premise?

There is no one model that fits all. 

The number one reason an organization would prefer to keep things in-house (on-premise) is compliance regulations that require that data reside internally. Coming in second is the significant expense in existing infrastructure. Third is having a readily available pool of competent cost effective IT expertise in-house.

Today you have a choice of how to record your legal practice management systems's cost thanks to the Cloud.

Cloud based deployments do provide significant cost savings that come with not having to build out or maintain a physical data center and expensive on-site expertise. The Cloud fundamentally changes how an organization's IT personnnel are leveraged adding more value by freeing up resources to work on other projects.

HoudiniEsq - Legal Practice Management Cloud or On-premise Private Cloud.

Do I have remote access to my data with On-premise like the Cloud?

Yes. HoudiniEsq is 100% web-based so access across a wide variety of devices and platforms is supported. Thers is no App you click on to access your dtata but instead use a Web Browser of your choice to interact with the product. Remote access is a choice you make as an organization.

You can access HoudiniEsq over a local, wide-area network and the Internet.  You can choose to allow your staff to work on-the-go with an iPad or phone from home, a court room or the beach. Your very own private Cloud.

Do I need to purchase anything in addition to HoudiniEsq?

No. This is true for both the Cloud and On-premise options. With the Cloud you just sign-up. With On-premise all you need is a single computer to install the product on to regardless of the number of staff you have. HoudiniEsq is 100% turn-key. Unlike many on-premise software products you do not need to purchase a separate database license such as Oracle or MS-SQL in addition to a software license. The product is enterprise class software architected by former Sun Microsystems software engineer and only needs to be installed onto a single machine that will act as the host for all your data.

Can I switch from Cloud to On-premise at a later time?

Yes. In fact you can switch from On-premise to the Cloud as well. The product is identical regardless of how it is deployed. If you decide to make a change it is as easy as zipping up your data and dropping it into the new deployment.

Is HoudiniEsq single tenant or multi tenant architecture?

HoudiniEsq is single-tenant. The database, memory and all processes are distinct and separate.

In a multi-tenant architecture every client's data is stored in the same database separated by a schema name. This has huge risk. If database corruption occurs every tenant/client is affected. Very similar to a tenement building catching fire hence the name. Database backups exist but it does take significant time to recover terabytes or worse a petabyte of data. This means every client instance is down during this time. With single tenant no one instance fault affects another.

Additionally HoudiniEsq is an in-memory single-tenant architecture. What this means is the memory and database allocated to an instance can not be accessed externally of the running instance. That means data center staff don't have access to a running instance's data. Not only is this far more secure than any other product on the market this architecture is very resilient offering best practices and peace of mind.

Can I install HoudiniEsq onto an external or secondary drive?

No. This is not best practice. The host machine HoudiniEsq is installed onto should only be used to secure your data nothing more. If you don't have enough space to store your data on the device's primary drive then the host machine is obviously being used for another purpose other than securely hosting your data.

Installing onto an external or network drive poses a potential security risk and unnecessary support calls. The host machine should have limited access to your network, Internet, staff and generally the outside world. Most security issues arise from unnecessary complexity. Keeping things simple makes securing your data easy.