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Add Additional Users to an Existing License

On-premise users with a valid license that is at least 6 months old can purchase additional seats at a discount. This discounted price is for the remaining term of your current license. After which the cost per user is the full price as indicated in the pricing table at the bottom of this page when your current license expires.

Attempting to purchase a license at a discount when not qualified may result in your license being blocked by our servers. If you have questions regarding your purchase please contact support toll-free at 1.888.366.2280 prior to your purchase. Staff may reach out to you after your purchase.

Add Additional Users to an Existing License

Number of Users


per month

$64 month / user
per year

$144 year / user

After your purchase follow the Requesting a New License instructions below.

Request Your New License

After making your purchase you must request a new license. To do so start by clicking the config icon in the upper right-hand corner of the application as depicted in the image below. Under Administrator is where you will find the current license details. Click the delete icon to remove the old license. You will receive a warning message, proceed. Fill out the registration information and click send. You will receive your new license via the email address used for the registration.

Best Legal Practice Software for Law Students

Price Table

In-house Practice

Less than 30 Users
All Inclusive

$248  year/user
$21 month/user

In-house Enterprise

Unlimited Users
All Inclusive

$464  year/user
$39 month/user

The Cloud & Beyond

Unlimited Users
All Inclusive

$64  month/user
$768 year/user