Manage Workflow With Ease

A workflow consists of one or more Todos and a series of steps such as “Incomplete”, “In Progress”, “Filed”, “Completed”, etc. You are not limited to just those of course.  

When viewing a matter’s Workflow all todos are presented in a billboard view. As work progresses staff simply drag one or more todos to the current step that represents the present state or status. This visually makes knowing where a case file stands very intuitive and more importantly, fast and easy.

HoudiniEsq Workflow visually indicates which steps may run into deadline issues so staff can take action.

HoudiniEsq Workflow can even complete work on your behalf such as send an email or generate one or more documents and so much more.

Edit Workflow Templates With Ease

You start by creating a template for a given practice area which is a series of steps a list of todos and one or more optional triggers. Supported triggers include but are not limited to, send an email, display a message, send an alert, assign values to one or more fields, notify staff, schedule one or more events,  generate one or more documents and so much more.  

These todos can represent work products, events that must take place, filings etc. In general the work that must be completed. 

If you assigned one or more triggers to a step todo combination HoudiniEsq will execute the work for you. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Our competitors claim to have workflow but their workflow is nothing more than another todo list.

HoudiniEsq Workflow is a 
1. Easy to use and template driven
2. Can complete tasks and generate work product
3. Communicates a matter’s progress intuitively 

Viewing and working with a Matter’s Workflow is intuitive.

Edit your Workflow templates with ease from any Matter.