HoudiniEsq Workflow

Develop and manage your workflow with ease.

A Workflow consists of one or more Tasks (todos) and a series of steps such as “Incomplete”, “In Progress”, and “Completed”. You are not limited to just those of course.  

You start by creating a series of steps that represent a tasks’ status in the order you want them to appear for a given practice area. You then add one or more tasks that represent the work that must be completed. For example, a basic  Bankruptcy workflow could have a task called Petition Prep and the following two steps representing the item’s status. Started and Done. It can be that simple or as complex as you like.

When viewing a Workflow all tasks are presented in a Kan-ban view. As the tasks progress staff simply drag the item to the current step that represents its status. This visually makes knowing where a case file stands very intuitive and more importantly, fast and easy.

In addition, you can assign triggers to any task step combination. When a staff member moves tasks to a particular step a trigger fires. Supported triggers include but are not limited to, send an email, display a message or alert, assign values to one or more fields, notify staff, schedule one or more events,  generate one or more documents and more.