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A simple to use powerhouse. Manage any size legal team from anywhere, in the Cloud or On-premise

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HoudiniEsq, trusted by Law Firms since 2008
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Leave the hyperbole to our competitors. Facts do matter. We are the experts in this space.
HoudiniEsq is comprehensive. From the integrated email client, the full-text indexing of email, attachments, and documents to the advanced elastic search capabilities across all of your data. Extensive and extensible record customization means HoudiniEsq will fit the needs of any team, now and well into the future. You can even manage staff compensation agreements and third-party contracts. Streamline workflow and improve productivity further with workflow automation. Generate work product, drafts, and complete mundane day-to-day tasks automatically. That is just par for the course. HoudiniEsq can monitor and respond to critical data without user intervention. Legal requests and holds, intakes, conflicts, correspondence, leads, capture unbilled time, deadlines, docket changes, exposure, receivables, signature receipts, client budget, expense, escrow, and more. HoudiniEsq is best practice for your practice.

Trusted by Law Firms, In-house Counsel, State, and Federal Agencies Since 2008
A simple to use powerhouse. Manage any size legal team from anywhere, in the Cloud or On-premise

" You can see an overview of an entire case with a glance! " Patricia Schneider Kasher Law Group, LLC

• 100% turnkey, cross-platform, enterprise-class, Mobile, Cloud or On-premise
• Comprehensive Complaint, Case, Matter, and Project management
• Track Time, Expenses, A/R, Budgets, Fees, Payments, and Escrow effortlessly
• Full-text Indexing of all data including Email, Attachments, and Documents
• Complete Document Management with Full-text Indexing and Elastic Search
• Deep and elastic search w/ sounds-like, fuzzy, boolean, proximity, and more
• Workflow Automation and Field Level Triggers create work product
• Document automation. Gen any number of docs in PDF or Word at will
• Client communication automation, send Past Due Notices and more
• Manage Conflicts, Clients, Leads, Parties, Staff, Finances, Trust, and Billing
• Legal Request and Holds, Intake and Portal management
• Integrated secure real-time Chat and SMS text alerts
• Customizable and extensible Forms, classify anything and everything
• Customizable Billing, Invoices, and Statement templates w/tax support
• Customizable Dashboards, Forms, List, Views, and Home Screen

• Easy multitasking, record creation, and navigation
• Full Rule-based Staff Calendar, Day Sheet and Docket management
• Staff Compensation, Third-party Expense, and Contract management
• Integrated Email Client and Chat w/ full- text indexing including Attachments
• Exhibit Documents, Decision, Process, and Rico graphs 
• Exhaustive reporting including Ad-hoc Reports and Report Designer
• Comprehensive Record Access management keeps private data private  
• Chain of Evidence secured by HoudiniEsq Blockchain technology
• Extensive Audit and Change History logging 
• Free Updates, Plugins, Support, and Training 

Integrates with LawPay, U.S. Post Office, Word, Outlook, Excel, WordPerfect, Acrobat, Quickbooks, Office365, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, SoftFile, CalendarRules, Google Gmail, Docs, and Calendar, Evernote, Business Intelligence Reports, OpenDocument Templates,  and more.

HoudiniEsq Trusted by Law Firms Since 2008
HoudiniEsq is Best Practice
Trusted by Law Firms, In-house Counsel, State, and Federal Agencies Since 2008
We lead in innovation, features, integration, deployment options, and support
A simple to use powerhouse, in the Cloud or On-premise
HoudiniEsq Trusted by Law Firms Since 2008
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Free updates, support, and training.
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In 2002 our company founder architected and developed the first cross-platform cloud-based legal case management product for the industry. That product was called Time Matters World Server by Data.TXT Corp which was acquired by LexisNexis in 2004. That is four years before the words "cloud-computing" entered our lexicon. The first use of “cloud-computing” occurred on August 9, 2006, when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the term at an industry conference. Facts do matter.

You don't have to be a large organization or state agency to benefit " After evaluating Clio, Lexis Nexis Firm Manager, MyCase and then settling on Rocket Matter. We now use HoudiniEsq to efficiently manage our law practice. " Peter Briskin Esq Fishbeyn & Briskin P.C.