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Introducing HoudiniEsq Aia

Aia is HoudiniEsq’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant. Aia was developed by LOGICBit and is capable of remarkable things. Aia can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, data correlation, error detection and take appropriate action.

How does HoudiniEsq Aia work?

From 20,000 feet, you can say Aia learns by “watching” you work. Let’s use document classification as a scenario. When you check in a document to HoudiniEsq, you typically define what type of document it is; a brief or motion, for example. Aia will analyze the document to determine why you are giving it a specific classification and then adds this information to its logic-base. After several iterations, Aia can predict how to classify a document by its content just as you would. This, of course, is a simple example. Aia is intelligent and you could say a bit curious. Aia traverses your data looking for critical data points.

Aia’s objective is to go beyond predictive coding practices autonomously. To find correlations between documents, text, and correspondence that are relevant. Detect errors and conflicts in statements. Identify citations and supplemental annotations that should be included for a stronger argument. Monitor workflow and schedules so staff can concentrate on their deliverables and less on procedures and processes. Identify and extract pertinent information for better compliance, contracts, and due diligence.

Aia premiers December 8th, 2019 in HoudiniEsq 2.0.780

What Aia isn’t

Aia isn’t passive. You can speak to Aia as you would any assistant. For example, you can say things like “What does my schedule look like?”, “Show me my day.” or “Open the Mueller file.” Aia will respond accordingly.

Aia isn’t just a daily assistant. Aia is working under the hood analyzing and monitoring your data for critical dates, conflicts, errors, intent and more. Aia is tightly integrated into HoudiniEsq. You won’t even know she is present until you need her.

AI has been an integral part of LOGICBit in one form or another for nearly a decade. Using datasets to train software and automate tasks is something we have experimented with and implemented with great success. Today we integrate AI into our client-facing products and services to help our customers capitalize on these advancements. The low cost of storing huge datasets and very fast processing power make this all possible today and we’ll continue embedding AI technologies in our solutions and product portfolio.

Frank A. Rivera

CEO, HoudiniEsq - LOGICBit Corp