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These are not demos or trials, this is fully functional software
with the most robust feature set in the industry, absolutely FREE.
However, this is not the latest version of this software which is 2.0.
This version also uses Adobe Flash whereas 2.0 does not.

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You must be running 1.9.8 or above to upgrade. See the bottom of this page for older update installers.

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Additional Information

This is a On-premise Install Only!   for Cloud / SaaS click here

This is Enterprise Class software. You only need to install it on a single machine that will act as the host. HoudiniEsq is installed as a service, it is not a end user program. There is no app you click to login. You and your staff will use a Web Browser to interact with the product.

The Software, Support, Plugins and Updates are all Free! This software has no restrictions of any kind except that it is limited to a single user login. What’s the Catch? We simply want to be a part of your success. We strongly believe that being a part of your success means being with you every step of the way. By providing you with the software, support and upgrades at our expense we can develop trust and a lasting business relationship. We don’t see you as a client. We see you as our business partner. Once we provide you with a license the business relationship is formed and from that point on we are in this together. We also believe that by using our software we can help you become more productive and help you build your practice. Isn’t that what business partners are expected to do?


Pay attention to what the installer is telling you and WRITE DOWN the USER NAME and PASSWORDS. Please do not call support or sales and ask for your passwords, we do not have them. Simply use all the defaults. When the login screen appears in your browser bookmark it. These simple steps will insure a quick 5 minute no hassle install.


You will be asked to register once you login. Please wait for a license to arrive via Email. Each registration and license file combination is unique to each install. If you reinstall or move HoudiniEsq to another machine you will get a license error since HoudiniEsq binds itself to the physical hardware. In this case you will have to re-register. The old license will no longer work.


If you have data you want to keep in HoudiniEsq STOP! Do not uninstall. Doing so will erase your data. To uninstall simply delete the HoudiniESQ folder then remove the HoudiniEsq service. More info on removing the HoudiniEsq is located here for each OS Howto Uninstall HoudiniEsq

About these installers

These are on-premise product installers. What you are about to download is the same as what we provide to our SaaS account subscribers. The only difference is where your data will be stored. In this instance, all your data will reside on the machine you install HoudiniEsq on. Please note, although you will be using a web browser, you are not going over the Internet when connecting locally. However, you can configure your router to allow access from all your mobile devices. You can even work from home or while away from your office just using your browser.

Need Help?

You will find a help button next to the logout button, use it but don’t be shy. If you need a little help just give us a ring, we can be viewing your screen within 2 minutes and walking you through any feature. We do offer free support but, we DO NOT cover basics like how to add a contact or create a Matter. That should be pretty clear, but just in case, select New under the Contact menu. For those of you that require a printed manual, sorry, a tree is more important. Try this instead,


What will I need? You do not need an expensive server. Any computer you can pickup from BestBuy for around $300-$400 bucks will do very nicely. Keep in mind that all your data, emails, email attachments and documents will be stored on this machine so a large hard drive (500GB+) is very important. You should also invest in an external hard drive just to perform routine backups of the HoudiniEsq install folder (1TB+). All your data will reside on the host computer regardless if you access HoudiniEsq locally or remotely. Please note, although you will be using a Web Browser you are NOT going over the internet when connecting locally.


Do not install this utility unless directed to do so

Old Installers

Use these installers to upgrade from earlier versions of HoudiniEsq

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Outlook • Word • WordPerfect • Acrobat • Excel • QuickBooks • Calendar Rules • SoftFile • Google • B.I.R.T • US Post Office • and more