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HoudiniEsq 2.0 SaaS/Cloud

If you have never used practice management software before or are evaluating or currently using Clio, Rocket Matter, Firm Manager, Firm Central, MyCase, etc., then this product is exactly what you need if you expect to grow your practice.

As one clever Attorney put it, "comparing HoudiniEsq to these products is like comparing your Car to a Lawn Mower. Both have engines but that is where the comparisons end."

If you have used products such as Amicus, WestLaw, Elite, ProLaw, Time Matters and the like then you will find that HoudiniEsq provides greater functionality and is a far better alternative.

If you feel that the Cloud/SaaS isn't for you or you would like to use our on-premise version please feel free to download and use our Solo product. The product is 100% identical. We provide free support, updates and training. You can download it here

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Works with Outlook, Word, Excel, WordPerfect, QuickBooks, Acrobat, Google and more.

With a HoudiniEsq Cloud account, there’s nothing to install or maintain. You just log in and use it. We take care of the rest. Our servers are located in hardened, top-tier, highly-redundant SSAE-16 certified data centers located within the US continent that you don’t need to worry about. We have highly trained staff (worriers) to take care of the worrying for you.

The HoudiniEsq Data-centers are SSAE-16/SAS70 and SSAE Type 2 certified. These certifications provide HoudiniEsq customers a level of assurance and confidence that is unmatched in the Legal Cloud/SaaS industry.