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Law Practice Management Software
As featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. An advanced law practice management product for today’s legal counsel. See product coverage on CNBC here

HoudiniEsq Law Practice Management Whether you want your data in the Cloud or prefer to keep all your data On-Premise, HoudiniEsq is the most cost-effective way to run and manage a law practice today. -Jackie Bales CNBC
A great innovation for the department
A great innovation for the department. We will save over $750,000. We now use HoudiniEsq to efficiently manage our law practice.
Phyllis Cheng • Director Department of Fair Employment and Housing
For the growing practice
After evaluating Clio, Lexis Nexis Firm Manager, MyCase and then settling on Rocket Matter. We now use HoudiniEsq to efficiently manage our law practice.   Peter Briskin Esq Fishbeyn & Briskin P.C.
Best thing to hit practice management
The way HoudiniEsq runs on the iPad is phenomenal. I would say the price of the iPad is justified even if you just use it for the HoudiniEsq App. It will pay for itself. I walk into court with just my iPad now.
William Burns Esq Bartlett Burns LLC
Houdini Esq is smooth, powerful, flexible, logical and secure. I couldn't ask for anything more.
I have been practicing law for almost a quarter century. I started with Houdini many, many years ago, when the project was still teething (I switched from Abacus). I can confidently say that even in infancy Houdini and its combination of logic, power and flexibility were head and shoulders above any other package on the market, many costing three times more. Since then, the management and development teams had nurtured and evolved this software into an awesome powerhouse with intuitive, user-friendly features, and absolutely unique capabilities, which other packages sorely lack. Magic has universal appeal, and Houdini is equally well suited for solo practitioners, who appreciate its instinctive simplicity, and multinational law firms, who take advantage of its infinite customization and industrial-strength features. I can wholeheartedly recommend Houdini to any law firm regardless of its size or practice areas.
Alexander Gilburg Esq Gilburg Law
Great Program
Very user friendly. Dashboard is easy accessed and filled with information at a glance. Time entry is easy as well as client/matter setup.
Gennet McKinney The Crone Law Firm, PLC
Working with the Houdiniesq team has been wonderful
Matter set up is easy. You can see an overview of an entire case with a glance!
Patricia Schneider Kasher Law Group, LLC
Robust and Full featured
The Software is the best value on the market and is very intuitive and full featured.
Paras Desai The Desai Law Firm LLC
Peace of Mind
I've been using HoudiniEsq for a couple of years now. Overall, I have to say i'm extremely happy with the product and the customer service.
Matthew Murillo Esq Legacy Counsel
Great program
It is easy to use and helps make our firm run smoothly.
Mallory Strength Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC
Far better than the other management software out there!
I love the functionality of Houdini. While some of the features are not the EASIEST to use, the customer support to walk you through it is amazing, and done on the spot. The program itself is amazing, works exceptionally, and their support is the best I've ever seen!
Christopher McWhorter Esq Tennyson & Wiggington, PLLC
9 Years Since Dumping Time Matters for HoudiniEsq
It's been nine years since we made the switch from LexisNexis Time Matters to HoudiniEsq, and we're not looking back. HoudiniEsq has provided us with an easy to use system to manage our law practice.
James Doan Esq The Doan Law Group
Great Software
HoudiniEsq is a great for case, document management and billing! Technical support is extremely helpful.
Joanne Leonard LawyerLisa, LLC
Fantastic Product and Great Customer Service
I am a solo attorney who just began using Houdini. I have experience with Abacus and other case management software. I have found that Houdini is quite intuitive, flexible and practical for my law firm. On top of that, the customer service far surpasses all the other support for the programs I have used in the past.
Mark Rosenberg Esq Law Offices of Mark D. Rosenberg
Law Practice Management Software

• The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing The agency has chosen HoudiniEsq as their Legal Case Management System.

• The California Department of Transportation
The agency has chosen HoudiniEsq as their Legal Case Management System.

• The Tennessee Fair Housing Council The agency has chosen HoudiniEsq as their Legal Case and Public Complaint Management System.

• LexisNexis discontinues competing product
LexisNexis’ Firm Manage is now defunct.

• North Carolina Medical Board The board has chosen HoudiniEsq as their Legal Case Management System.

• The U.S Department of the Treasury The agency has chosen HoudiniEsq as their Legal Case Management System.

• Massachusetts Department of Transportation The agency has chosen HoudiniEsq as their Legal Case Management System.