HoudiniEsq Integrated Chat

Communicating securely with staff has never been easier. HoudiniEsq’s integrated real-time chat makes it very easy to stay on top of important matters. You are always in touch with all your staff throughout your day regardless of where in the world you connect from.

Chat messages are secure because HoudiniEsq real-time Chat relies on no 3rd party or any 3rd party services. All text messages are archived and searchable. Chat is ever present but out of the way until you need it. Matters can be linked to a chat message or an entire discussion. Chat messages can be sent to a group or an individual.

When you receive a text from a staff member the chat window floats at the bottom of the App. This feature requires two or more staff to become enabled. 

Chat is hidden away until you need it or you receive a text. You can quickly respond to text or view a discussion’s chat history with just a click.

Chat messages can be searched including by Matter Reference.