HoudiniEsq Elastic Search

Find what you need when you need it with ease across all your data using natural language. 

You can perform simple basic searches using a single or partial word phrase number or synonym. Complex queries are formed using plain language like “John but not like Johnson within 2 words of Home”.

Searches take place across all your data. Including documents, email, and email attachments.

Dig as deep for data as you like. HoudiniEsq Elastic Search supports keywords (title, date, author, name, etc.,), Booleans (and, or, not, like), Fuzzy (sounds like), Proximity (within a word, phrase, paragraph, page), Wild-cards (single character or any), Boost (specify which words have more relevance or weight e.g. “Gain:3 Pain:1 NOT Spain”) and of course Range. 

Search results when textual display highlighted words or phrases found. You can even take immediate action on any of the search results like any other record in HoudiniEsq.  

Search is deep. Searching for a number not only will return phone numbers and addresses that match but also invoices, expenses, email, attachments, documents, matters, contacts, todos, events, notices, chat, email, including data contained in your custom fields.

Searches are even preserved while you use the App so you can always revisit your previous search results without having to re-query your data.

HoudiniEsq Elastic Search is also integrated into every list, Matters, Contacts, Documents, Events, Todos, Email, Billing, Invoicing, Trust, Expenses, and more. If it is textual HoudiniEsq will index it. It’s just that simple.