HoudiniEsq Billing

HoudiniEsq billing is clear, concise and defensible. Information is clearly displayed with all relevant billing information on hand in an easy to read format that both your staff and your clients will love. 

Of course, if you don’t bill or prefer another billing option simply disable all billing features altogether. You may also choose to just track time and expenses and forgo the pre-bill and invoicing. Options are wonderful, aren’t they?

With HoudiniEsq every billable moment is tracked and recorded. Pre-bill provides staff or your Billing Clerk with an easy billing assessment prior to invoicing. During pre-bill staff can tweak, discount or add billing entries and post transactions with ease.

You can invoice one client or all your clients with a click. With the Batch Billing feature, you can work on billing entries and batch invoice later with a single click. 

Money Finder
Defensible billing requires that all items that are billable are accounted for and invoiced. HoudiniEsq keeps track so you don’t have to. Items that fall between the cracks such as reading and replying to email and text are caught during the pre-bill stage so you and your staff never have to wonder if all your time has been recorded and billed accurately. 

Bill a single client for multiple matters with ease. Matters retain their own individual accounting making HoudiniEsq one flexible but easy to use beast. 

HoudiniEsq doesn’t limit you to just desktop entries either. You can bill for your time in Outlook using the FREE HoudiniEsq Outlook plugin or from your Mobile device while on the go.

Invoicing and Posting Transactions
HoudiniEsq makes printing, emailing and managing invoices and their associated transactions easy.  

One central invoicing dashboard that can be filtered by client, staff, matter, transaction etc., makes invoicing and posting to your Firm’s general ledger seamless and intuitive.

Never guess which invoices are outstanding and how much a client owes. Every matter record clearly displays account balances. In addition, when you post transactions HoudiniEsq displays all outstanding invoices so you can apply transactions accurately and accordingly, including split billing entries. You don’t need to rely solely on HoudiniEsq invoicing of course. You can view a client’s invoices and trust/retainer balances across all their matters under the client’s billing tab as well at any time.

HoudiniEsq’s Pre-bill rollback feature makes correcting billing mistakes worry free. Simply delete the invoice and pre-bill are restored and ready to be invoiced once again. 

Staff Compensation
HoudiniEsq makes tracking staff compensation a breeze as well. All staff can have different compensation rates based on their relationship to a matter, e.g., Originating Attorney, Primary, Associate, etc., In fact, you can even define your own relationships. Compensate based on a percentage of applied payments or a fixed amount. 

Trust Deposit and Trust Earned
Trust earned and Trust deposits are all tracked and managed effortlessly. HoudiniEsq always has the numbers you want at hand when you need them, and that includes when posting transactions. This saves you and your staff countless amounts of time because we don’t expect you to look anything up. The information you need is on the screen when you need it. 

HoudiniEsq invoicing syncs with Quickbooks. Install the FREE HoudiniEsq QuickBooks Connector and HoudiniEsq will post all your transactions to QuickBooks for you seamlessly. HoudiniEsq not only can post to your QuickBooks accounts it will post proper Trust accounting entries using Trust Accounting best practices when doing so. 

Customized Invoice and Statement Templates
HoudiniEsq provides you with several invoices and client statement templates that can be edited to fit your Firm’s policies or the Firm’s look and feel. MS Word, OpenOffice and Libre-Office all support the HoudiniEsq template format.

Pay Now, LawPay and Client Portal
HoudiniEsq provides your clients with a secure portal. You can turn on billing features so clients using the client portal have access to invoices and payment options via LawPay integration.

Making it easy for your clients to pay you is good for both parties. Win-win.

Clear Concise Defensible Billing
HoudiniEsq invoices and client statements are the best in the business. HoudiniEsq invoices and statements are informative, clear and concise, yet packed with all the critical information your clients want. Invoice your clients with HoudiniEsq and never have your invoicing or billing practices challenged again.

The one thing I think all law firm clients have in common is that they all hate their law firm’s billing and invoicing.

Not with HoudiniEsq. HoudiniEsq includes the most comprehensive invoice and client statement templates in the business. Invoices and statements your clients will absolutely love. The fastest way to getting paid is clear informative billing practices and HoudiniEsq has your law firm’s back. 

HoudiniEsq’s mobile interface allows you and your staff to record time while on the go on just about any device. No additional App to download and install is needed. Simply point your device’s browser to the same web address you use to log in to your desktop, and the Mobile interface handles all the rest.

Easy and Informative Pre-Billing and Invoicing Dashboards

Easy and Informative Bulk Transaction Handling

Client Portal with Pay Now and LawPay integration

Performance Dashboards and Reports