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Free On Premise Law Practice Management Software Houdini Esq Sept 2018

IMPORTANT This is a on-premise install only! For our Cloud option click here. This is not Free Ware or Open Source software. HoudiniEsq is licensed software.

If you are a Solo Practitioner or just want to evaluate the product you may download and use HoudiniEsq on-premise and any of our plugin-ins for free perpetually. No fine print. No hoops to jump through. No data or record size restrictions. Our support, training and all updates to the product are free to use as well.

A Solo license is a single user login using the product. The following advanced features are disabled in a Solo license: Chat, Triggers, Task Automation, customization of Matter Contact and Event Forms and the ability to create Custom Data Collection Forms, otherwise the product is identical in every way. All other customization features are active including but not limited to Ad-hoc Reports, customizing Email, Invoice, Statement, and Document templates, custom Classifications, Sub-classifications, Types and Status Codes etc. You can unlock all features at any time by upgrading to a Practice or Elite license.
Installation This is Enterprise Class software. You only need to install it on a single machine that will act as the host. The product runs on just about every operating system. HoudiniEsq is installed as a service, it is not a end user program. There is no App you click to login. You and your staff will use a Web Browser of your choice to interact with the product. Typically using a URL that looks similar to this https://localhost/houdini or

What will I need? You do not need an expensive server. Any computer you can pick up from BestBuy for around $300-$400 bucks will do very nicely. Keep in mind that all your data, emails, email attachments and documents will be stored on this machine so a large hard drive (500GB+) is very important. You should also have a good backup routine. It is best practice to perform routine backups of the HoudiniEsq install folder and use Anti-virus software. 

We suggest American made Anti-virus software. DO NOT use products developed outside the USA such as McAfee, Norton or *Kaspersky.
We suggest and trust PC Matic for Windows users. Remember, you will be storing your organization’s most critical information on this device, therefore, the host machine should have limited access to staff, apps, and the outside world. Your firm’s data security starts and stops with you. Follow best practices. 

*If you are a solo practitioner (no other staff will be using HoudiniEsq) installing HoudiniEsq onto your personal computer or laptop is just fine. A good backup routine and American made Anti-virus software is best practice. 

IMPORTANT: If you have staff and a multi-seat license (not a solo practitioner) and you plan on using an existing machine to host HoudiniEsq it is best practice to install a fresh operating system onto the device or wipe it completely clean prior to installing HoudiniEsq. The host machine should be dedicated to hosting HoudiniEsq and securing your data, nothing more. 

If you want to connect to your instance of HoudiniEsq remotely via an iPad or your cell phone when on the go, working from home, a courtroom or from any PC outside your local network, then you should install HoudiniEsq onto a standalone PC in your office, not your personal laptop. Think 24/7 access.

Remote access will require a static IP address which you can obtain from your Internet Service Provider, an optional Domain Name from GoDaddy, and an SSL Certificate to secure the connection from a man in the middle attack (best practice) or forget all the hassles and sign-up for a secure HoudiniEsq Cloud account today and start right away. With a Cloud account, we manage everything for you including tiers of backups, security, updates and you always have secure 24/7 access from just about anywhere in the world. 

Please note, although you will be using a Web Browser to interact with the product you are not going over the internet when connecting locally. All your data resides on the HoudiniEsq host computer regardless if you access HoudiniEsq locally or remotely. 


HoudiniEsq Full Install

HoudiniEsq Full Install

If you are a Solo you may download and use HoudiniEsq (On-premise) and our support services for FREE.
You may purchase a license at any time if you need to add additional users. No need to download any additional software, just purchase the licenses you need when you need it.
Windows 7.0 +
Download HoudiniEsq

Follow the installers directions. Choose the defaults for a quick painless install. But just in case...
Solo Default login info:
You may change under Config.Staff
Firm houdini
Password entered during installation

Please note, although you will be using a Web Browser to interact with the product you are NOT going over the internet when connecting locally. All your data resides on the HoudiniEsq host computer regardless if you access HoudiniEsq locally or remotely. You will find more information here

HoudiniEsq Updates

HoudiniEsq Latest Updates

IMPORTANT 32bit Windows users You must have a OS that is 64bit. Most modern operating systems are 64bit. If your instance of HoudiniEsq is installed under /Program Files(x86)/ then HoudiniEsq was installed as 32bit application. Upgrading to 64bit HoudiniEsq is easy. Here is how.

   1. Shutdown the HoudiniEsq service on the host machine.
   2. Move/drag (do not copy) the HoudiniEsq folder from /Program Files (x86)/ to /Program Files/
   3. Download this update and run it.

IMPORTANT 1.9 users You must have HoudiniEsq or greater to upgrade from 1.9 to 2.0. Please verify that the login screen of your current instance does in fact reflect this version or above before proceeding with an free upgrade. Once you upgrade you will no longer have access to the 1.9 Flash interface. The new interface is intuitive and similar so getting up to speed is quick.
Windows 7.0 +
HoudiniEsq installed in Program Files
Download HoudiniEsq Update

OSX 10.10 +
HoudiniEsq installed in Applications
Download HoudiniEsq Update

HoudiniEsq Utilities

HoudiniEsq Service Repair Utilities

These utilities reinstall the HoudiniEsq Service. Your data is unaffected.

On rare occasions a Windows or OSX operating system update may remove the HoudiniEsq Service.
Please note, the HoudiniEsq update listed above will also fix any service related issues you may have.

IMPORTANT 32bit Windows users See notices under Updates above.
Windows 7.0 +
HoudiniEsq installed in Program Files
Download HoudiniEsq Repair

OSX 10.10 +
HoudiniEsq installed in Applications
Download HoudiniEsq Repair

HoudiniEsq Host Manager Utilities
On all installations starting with version + these utilies can be found in the HoudiniEsq folder.

These utilities configure the HoudiniEsq service memory footprint on the host machine.

Download, unzip and drop shortcuts to these Apps on the HoudiniEsq host machine's desktop to quickly configure, start and stop the HoudiniEsq service easily.

IMPORTANT 32bit Windows users See notices under Updates above.

LogExpert.exe Utility

This utility is useful for monitoring the HoudiniEsq logs on Windows. Similar to the Unix tail -f command and OSX's Console, the view is updated in real time as the log is being written to by HoudiniEsq. This utility eliminates the need to continuously reload a log file to see what was added to it as HoudiniEsq executes.

To monitor the HoudiniEsq log download and run this application and point it to any file located in c:\Program Files\HoudiniESQ\logs\ folder, for example houdiniesq-stdout.2018-02-04.log

HoudiniEsq FREE Plugins

These plugins are free and tightly integrate with HoudiniEsq
You can work in the native applications you are already familiar with.
OutlookWordExcelWordPerfectAcrobatQuickBooksCalendar RulesSoftFileGoogleB.I.R.TUS Post OfficeLaw Pay • and more
Microsoft Outlook
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Law Pay
Windows, OSX, Linux see plugin details
Download Plugins Here

HoudiniEsq Plugin Utilities

If you get an error message when installing one of the MS Plugins e.g. Outlook, Word, etc., this utility will install the required MS libs. Install this lib and restart plugin installation.

May be required for some older versions of Windows

HoudiniEsq Mobile

Best thing to hit practice management
The way HoudiniEsq runs on the iPad is phenomenal. I would say the price of the iPad is justified even if you just use it for the HoudiniEsq App. It will pay for itself. I walk into court with just my iPad now.
William Burns Esq Bartlett Burns LLC