HoudiniEsq Sandbox
Test features, templates, and plugins right away

No setup required. Try every feature 
Access 250,000 sample records

We feel it is easier to visualize why some of the largest law firms, state, and federal agencies use HoudiniEsq and how law practice data is organized using best practices.

If you’re a solo practitioner no worries. Nothing says you can’t manage your practice using Best Practices.
You and your staff can all securely sign into the same instance and simulate organizing your practice using best practices right away.

IMPORTANT: This is a public sandbox. This sample instance simulates a working practice called Emerson Simon & Quincey PLC or ESQ for short. This instance and its data are public. Others can see what you see. Please note that HoudiniEsq records everything including but not limited to your IP and Mac address (not shared) so no profanity. Do not enter or upload real client data into this sample dataset. Be responsible.

Record security has been relaxed so you can explore freely. You will be granted Administrative and Super User rights as this icon signifies.

You can see all the information in this instance and create records. To limit views to your own data simply click the "my data" icon.
For this evaluation, you will not be able to delete or edit another user's data, delete or add staff, or change any of the security features. For the purposes of this demonstration, billing is enabled and can not be disabled. Features and areas of the interface can be turned on or off in your own firm’s instance of HoudiniEsq, but are enabled for this evaluation.

The nitty gritty: We have provided over 50,000 unique sample contact records that represent your firm’s clients, prospects, contractors, co-counsel, judges and more. Feel free to use these records so you don’t have to create your own. We do recommend creating your own records but feel free to use any existing records as you see fit. HoudiniEsq is feature rich and very customizable, right down to the field level so feel free to explore.

Reading is fundamental: Everything has a tooltip so hover your mouse over anything you have a question about, especially over icons. 

To access the HoudiniEsq knowledgebase click the help button in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.
You can also access it here Knowledge-base: http://help.houdiniesq.com. Support and training are free. If you have questions just give us a ring at 1.888.366.2280.