Manage Email

Manage matter related email like never before. 

View emails as they were intended in HoudiniEsq. Our competitors require you to cut-n-paste emails into matter records making managing matter related correspondence a hassle. Not HoudiniEsq. You can link emails by simply selecting the matter they are associated with just once. HoudiniEsq remembers and links emails you receive or send to the associated matter automatically for you.

Find what you need when you need it. All matter related emails are full text indexed including all textual attachments.

Track the time your staff spends reading and responding to matter related correspondence. HoudiniEsq can automatically track time and bill for that time you spend reading and composing emails.

Outlook users can install the Free Outlook plugin and manage all email from within Outlook. Synching is automatic. You can even drag-n-drop emails to matter folders in Outlook. If the folder doesn’t exist it will create one for you. Did we say hassle free.